$100 Gold Bar

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-Material: gold plated iron

-Diameter: 50*28mm
-Color: Gold Coin



Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you! Thank you for your understanding!

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Michelle s.
United States United States

Mystery box promo

This is just an awful experience! I was going to order a mystery box for free and just pay shipping and handling. But everything it kept asking me to add stuff to my box for ridiculous amounts of money! I never even made it to check out because I was so aggravated, and I got charged $14 on one charge and $282 for another charge! I just received a knife and a box of mini $100 gold plated iron bars! And now they want to charge me $20 to cancel a subscription I never subscribed to! Not happy at the moment! No mystery that your not getting multiple items in mystery box! Only mystery is how much they are going to charge you for items you didn't order!!

LaDonna M.
United States United States

No Star Review/had to give it one star to submit review

My experience with this scam came with a pop up ad that claimed I could get this $30 portable blender for free just pay $5.95 shipping and they offered the same deal with a small, portable, wireless hand vacuum, free just pay $5.95 shipping and handling, both items claiming to have free returns within 30 days of purchase. So I said what the heck, $12 for a small vacuum and personal wireless blender, can't go wrong right? Well let me assure you that neither one of these items were worth or valued at $30, maybe $9.99 and that's pushing it. The blender could not blend anything other than thin liquids, or water, no smoothie or thick creamy blendable ingredients or fruit. Even with a full charge it couldn't blend anything, no power and wouldn't hold a charge long enough to blend a drink. And the vacuum, a little better of a product but definitely not a value of $30, more like $14.99 and that's being nice. The vacuum does work for dust and small light debris but the detachable brush doesn't stay attached and with a full charge the maximum run time was 4 minutes in the normal setting, not the high setting. And it just stops, no winding down and performance decreasing to let you know it's close to needing a charge, it just stops. And for the charge time on both items, it's just simply not worth it. Because I purchased these free items through a questionable pop up ad, I was keeping a close eye on my credit card transactions after I paid for the shipping and handling and about 3 weeks later I get a charge for $34.00 from same company that was charged the shipping and handling from, and I thought that's weird, why are they charging me $34 and so I called them and they informed me that when I ordered the free items that in the fine print it states that unless I return the free items within 14 days that I would be charged the full retail amount for both products. And I said really?!! Unbelievable, so I said well I don't want either one of those products and I darn sure didn't realize that after 14 days i would be charged full price for a "FREE" item. And so I asked them for a credit for the charge on my card because I was deceived and I don't want either of these products, and they informed me that they could only credit me half the amount of the $34 charge and I thought well half is better than none, so I agreed to get a credit of $17.00. I preceded to tell the person on the phone that I will return their useless items because I didn't want them and ironically enough they didn't want me to return them. Why? Because the products aren't worth the $5.95 shipping and handling fees, they are junk, and they've already made their money hand over fist, $17.00 plus $5.95 s&h $23.00 for a piece of junk that you would find on the dollar isle at the dollar store. Don't be fooled by these scammers, if it's free just pay s&h then it's literally worth nothing and if it sounds and looks like it's too good to be true then guess what, it is not true and it's not any good. I would not trust my life or camping trip or survival mechanism on any of their products. Forget the timer that shows how long you have to order before this deal is gone and do some research on these products before buying them and you will find out what I know now and you can save yourself some wasted money.

United States United States

Deceptive sales approach 24k gold

The initial picture doesn’t disclose the materials it only shows 24K . The first scroll up shows this is what others bought together and shows a higher price to elude the price being closer to what you would expect from real gold. It also describes it as an investment opportunity and the ticking time for lost opportunity if you don’t hurry. This causes a chemical reaction in the brain. The over all promise of the American spirit and how they hook you is with their care and concern about your wellbeing in an emergency situation and you only pay a small shipment fee. The fine print shows you are going to be bombarded with third party sales and your information will be a valuable commodity to sell on future this is a real sucker list. This is geared towards the elderly and the survivalists community. They have several layers of trust building designs in their platform which these deception practices aren’t for the savvy people who can smell this fishy pirate ship from a mile away. Nope it’s for those who are looking to get that fantastic deal they’ve heard people talk about before. So rather than just being annoyed and writing a quick how smart you are review, take a moment and really warn others in ways that will resonate and not just call people idiots. Also warn people who don’t know better. It’s obviously successful enough for these people take the time and effort to build this website.

United States United States

It's shiney

It's fake it says right on it . 999 pure iron! If it sounds to good to be true it usually it!

United States United States

Fake it’s made of iron look closely at the picture

Do not buy click link for explanation file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/ee/14/1C103C97-C1E9-4554-A2A5-8EB575FE6D09/IMG_1481.jpg